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We just love ice cream!

Many memories are made in our kitchen.  Our family loves ice cream but we love our moms the most.  We have watched our mom make ice cream for our birthdays, friends, baby showers, and holidays and love all the different combinations she comes up with.  So from her passion to our mouths, we wanted to share 

our family recipe with you in a simple innovative way.


It's what's on the inside that counts

KONE was started in 2019 by Ezra Ekuban while he was a freshman in high school. He wanted to learn how to be an entrepreneur.  KONE is the initials of my families first names, Karen, Oliviya, Natalya, Eb, Ezra, Eizaiah and Eli. I came up with our business name, designed our website, and our labels with the help of my parents and siblings.   Our products are hand-made with the finest organic and all natural ingredients in our kitchen.  We package each product with love.  Enjoy 

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